"One of the Premier Education Society with Excellence teaching..."

Shri – Unjha was established on 12th June 1961. The motto of our institution was ‘Kanya – Kelvani'. We get awareness in the society by woman education and it is the necessary alteration. One educationalist has rightly said :
We have very good educational facilities. For the creation of a new nation, our institution is doing the best in the field of education.
Today our institution is existed as a big complex like a big shadowy tree. Here children are developed and well treated by shaping different crystal like a diamond. Their personality development is created here.
Our main aim of the Shreyas Kelavani Mandal is the girl's education.
The girl's (Trainees) take admission in our institution with a view to know the rural life, the way of worship and the way of thinking which create the least harmony with their lives.
The Trainees can live easily with rural life.
To create the convenient atmosphere for the primary education.
Girls those who take higher education in the village, they can attract by the P.T.C. college to create the highest goal.
Work is Worship
To promote higher women teacher education.
To promote professional values and norms among the teacher trainees.
To build prosperous society by preparing women educators.
To empower the women by providing social, economical and educational training.
To spread the message of GENDER EQUITY in society.






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